Testimonies and Comments

The trip was very enjoyable. The friends that I met on the trip were an added pleasure. The hotel and accommodation were excellent and the food delicious.

…Von Burton
The trip was very pleasurable and enjoyable. I had a great time and looking forward to another trip in the near future. I would encourage my friends to take this trip. I met a lot of nice people and made new friends.

…Pearl Hunter
I enjoyed everything that was scheduled for this trip. I believed the time that you invested in the planning for this trip was well worth the effort and you should go forward with more trips.

…Isiah Swopes
The trip was well planned and organized. The length of the trip was great. Bus driver, Steve, was great. Linda, the tour guide was well informed.

…Beatrice Swopes
Everything was Excellent!

…Patricia Schultz
Great trip! Wonderful buffets, wish we would have had time to explore Toronto

…Paula Gettis
It was all great!

…Jackie Pope
A very enjoyable trip. My favorite part was the boat ride and the flora clock. I loved the people on the bus. They were very nice and friendly. The dinner at the Sheraton on the Falls, in the Fallsview Restaurant was upscale for sure. I am looking forward to travel with Cleola’s Travel Group again. Good job Mr. and Mrs. Burton.

The trip was fabulous, was surprised and pleased with the drive, the accommodation, the activities, the food, everything!!! The cost for such can’t be beat. Thank you for the opportunity. Hope to travel with you again soon.

…Izora Harrison
Wonderful trip!

…Rhoda Castleberry
It was avery Good Trip.

…Ronald Wilson
It was a very enjoyable trip. The food on Thursday was so good. Mr. Burton helped to take good care of me; the entire trip was excellent, excellent, and excellent.

…Geneva Wright
Mrs. Cleola, I really felt welcome on this trip. Keep doing your thing. Love it. May God Bless.

Well organized from the start to finish. Skillful bus driver, excellent tour guide and wonderful sights. Would enjoy other trips and highly recommend the experience to family and friends. Great memories’. I am looking forward to the next trip.

…James & Carolyn Lundy
I enjoyed the trip very much. Good tour guide, scenery and food, fun trip. Hope that I can take another trip in the future. “Thanks”

…Kha Duncan
A wonderful trip enjoyed everything; you did a great job coordinating. I am looking forward to the next one.

…Barbara Enegren
I had a very good time, my traveling buddies were enjoyable. The locals were prompt, professional and courteous. The tour guide (Linda) was funny, courteous and professional. The bus driver (Steve) was prompt, courteous, and did an outstanding job. Kudos goes out to Cleola’s Travel Group.

…Julius E. McCoy
A Wonderful Trip.

…Rita McCoy
The group were friendly and wonderful.

…Hien Galagle
It was a wonderful trip, I enjoyed it

…Minh Byrd
Awesome. Great trip

…Oanh “Twiggy” Branson
Fun, Fun, Fun. I can’t wait for the next trip.

…Margie Everson
The trip was wonderful, enjoyable ever minuet. It was fun from start to finish. I hope to go with you again. I will tell other friends about you.

…Norma J. Upshaw
I really enjoyed the trip, grate bus ride. Our tour guide was very entertaining. Overall, a wonderful trip.

…Martha “Kitty” Brown
I enjoyed my trip very much wonderful.

…Suzanne Shindelbower
It was a great trip.

…Lisa Hopkins