About Us
Cleola's Travel Group is a Multi-Cultural travel organization whose goal is to tour interesting sites as you have never toured them before in the United States.

Our most recent tour to Toronto Canada was very interesting and rewarding based upon comments from the passengers that were members of the tour group.

To read what the members of this tour group thought of this wonderful tour Click Here.

The benefits that you will gain on this tour are forming new friendships, enjoying existing friendships with those persons that are already your friends, a very enjoyable bus ride, first class accommodations,

Excellent meals and dining, and a social atmosphere made fresh by the additional tour occupants.

If you are undecided Click Here and please read again what tour group members thought of our most recent tour of Toronto Canada.

You are cordially and warmly welcomed and hopefully inspired to join this tour, I am, your host and personal coordinator

Mrs. Cleola C. Burton